FX Insta Africa is registered in Nigeria, and is the Official Representative of Instaforex Group Companies in Africa. (Please Read Below our Terms and policies)

1.1.1: We are not a financial institution but Official Representative to InstaForex.
InstaForex Africa site” – The InstaForex Africa Site is located at the following address: www.instaforex-africa.com

1.1.2: We do not Offer Forex Brokerages Services Such as Quoting of Prices, Giving Margins and Leverages Verifications etc…

1.1.3: We offer Funding and Withdrawal Services to only residents in Nigeria at the moment.

1.1.4: We serve as a Local Depositor/Withdrawal to Instaforex.

1.1.5: All transactions are made through our bank accounts listed on our Bank Information page as we do not accept or make cash payments in our office.

1.1.6: We do not allow internet transfer as a means of payment for any of our services.

: You are responsible for supplying your correct Instaforex Trading Account number, In the event that your fund is sent to a wrong account because you supplied a wrong   account number, we will not be liable for any losses incurred.

1.1.8: We are not liable for any wrong account transfer in any Form.

1.1.9: We are not liable for any loss or profit you make during your trading with Instaforex.

1.2.0: You are to be bound with all the Instaforex Trading Rules/Services.

1.2.1: You will not use our services for money laundering activities.

1.2.2: Using services for Fund Management/Money Investment Of any Form is at your own risk.

1.2.3: We will keep records of all transactions and we will make them available to relevant authorities when necessary.

1.2.4: We respect the privacy of our clients and will not share your information with anybody.

1.2.5: All transactions are concluded within Our working hours only 8:00-16:00 GMT.

1.2.6: Specify clearly the depositor’s name While sending the payment notification to us otherwise your order will be unnecessarily delayed.

1.2.7: We do Not allow Third Party Payment in our Service i.e The Depositors Name Must Be the same with the Account Owner Name.

1.2.8: In the case you are making a withdrawal to us. We pay into your bank account the equivalent amount we receive in our account.

1.2.9: The reduction or increment in the amount paid into your bank account might be due to the fluctuations in the price of E-Currency.

1.3.0: We are not liable for all those condition.

: In other to Make Profit from the services we render to you, We may not fund/pay you the exact amount of Bureau de change market or Local Exchange Market.

1.3.2: We pay you the exact amount we receive in our account. Please note this, you are the one to bear the fluctuation in the weight of the E-currency and the receiving fund fee at a particular time you make a withdrawal or deposit to us.

: Instaforex Account funding is final. You can not request a refund of your Money once you have made a payment to our Bank Account or when your Instaforex account has been funded.

1.3.5: Bank Account funding is final. You can not request a refund of your money once your Bank account has been funded otherwise you will need to place a withdrawal/deposit order to the company again.

2.0.1: We reserve the right to change the price of any of our Funding/withdrawal Transactions by posting the information on our website. Note that a mail may not be sent to a customer for any changes in the price.

2.1.1: InstaForex Africa Car Promo is for clients that funds upto $10,000 and trades it for a minimum period of six months. The minimum of deal or lots size for trading our car Promo is 20,000Lots.

2.1.2: Our Promo offers extends to clients all over the world.

2.1.3 :Our additional monthly $70 payment is for clients that funds upto $100 and above and actively trades it for every 30days.

2.1.4: The minimum lot size for receiving our $70 monthly payment is 100 Lots and 1,000Lots for cents accounts.

3.1.0: Order of business and claims:

3.1.1: The claim should be in the form of an electronic mail (e-mail) and sent to our client’s Department: [email protected]
Claims submitted in other ways will not be taken into account.

3.1.2: The Client claim for $70 monthly payment will take no longer than 48hours to be settled:

3.1.3: The Client claim for Car Promo takes no longer than (5)Five working days to be settled:

: If Client’s claim for $70 is considered fair, We will accept it and deposit funds in the Client’s trading account within 48hours.

3.1.5: The Client’s claim form should have:
– Full name;
– Account number;
– Proof of Address;
– Identification; Driver’s License,Int’l Passport or National ID.(Others Specify)
– Description of claim.
3.1.6: The company reserves the right to dismiss a claim in the following cases:
– the claim does not comply with the terms of points 2.1.1, 2.1.3, 2.1.4;
– the claim is marked with obscene words or/and insults to Insta Africa or its officials;
– the claim contains the threats to InstaForex Africa or its officials;
– the customer threatens to stain the reputation of the Instaforex or InstaForex Africa using social networks and other community resources.

3.1.7: The Company keeps the right of reconsidering the results of deals of the Client.

3.1.8: We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time.

3.1.9: Please if you do not agree to the Terms and Policies do not go further.

3.2.0: You agree to be bound by these terms as stated here.