1. Minimum Deposit of $1 and a 1:1000 leverage. InstaForex started allowing of Forex trading with only $1 deposit and they still offer it till date. At a time most brokers had minimum deposit at $100. Its often surprising that which has many millionaires’ traders can also accommodate many traders with $1, $5 deposit. But no matter what the deposit is, they still offer same and equal services for every account because their funds in the Forex market are in billions of dollars.


  1. Good bonus system InstaForex Nigeria offer several bonuses to its clients including bonuses like 30%, 55% etc. the best part is that these bonuses are tradable which many brokers are trying to imitate. Other brokers will remove their bonus from their client’s account when the customer is losing and this eventually causes the client to lose all his funds. This is not so with Instaforex, InstaForex broker allows the bonus to buffer and support the client’s capital throughout.


  1. live chat is so much helpful- no delay to response on some problem..But we know it is easier to deliver effectively to a small range of people than to a large amount of people. You can compare IFX with facebook. Facebook is becoming bigger everyday but their service is not depreciating (don’t compare it with google because if you call google support, there is a great chance that no one from other side will answer your call), InstaForex Nigeria support service is better because is gives clients within Nigeria the opportunity to have issues regarding their accounts resolved locally.


  1. No cheating.- Most brokers offer the same amount of spread but this is what newbies will discover. Some cheating brokers will offer a spread of 0.3 but when you want to close your trade their platform will prevent you until 0.3 or more values have been added to that trade. InstaForex does not exhibit this type of fraud. A client once complained about a broker that he could not close a profit trade until 4hrs later after so many attempts and requotes. He eventually closed that trade in a loss. This is pure cheating.


  1. Payment processors-Most payment processor are available for Instaforex customers. Instaforex suspended using Webmoney long before other brokers realized the difficulties experienced by clients using that processor. This shows that Instaforex is very conscious of their clients best interest. Instaforex encourages fast withdrawal and are pioneers in the internal use of Wallet system and local deposit and withdrawal system. InstaForex even offers clients the opportunity to fund and withdraw from their accounts locally. For Instance, in a Country like Nigeria where Wire transfer is difficult to do, clients now funds their InstaForex Accounts in minutes by just making an internet transfer deposit or Cash Deposit to InstaForex Nigeria Bank account.


  1. Demo Contest– unlike other Brokers, Instaforex care equally for the very rich and the very poor spectrum of their clientele. There are clients that have the trading skills but lack the capital to trade with. To help such clients they introduced so many types of contest from weekly to monthly type with cash prizes that are credited onto live accounts from which these clients can trade and earn profits for themselves. This way InstaForex has made itself well loved by vast range of Forex traders. Several Nigerians have won thousands of dollars from such contest and this became their start-up capitals.

By InstaForex Nigeria